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About the National Action Plan

About the National Action Plan

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The focus of the Action Plan is on reducing risks to humans, animals and the environment that can emerge through the use of approved plant protection products. Thereby, health, social, economic and environmental impacts are taken into account.

The Action Plan was drawn up with the collaboration of the Länder and the participation of associations concerned with plants or plant products, plant protection, consumer protection, water management or environment protection and nature conservation.

Taking into account risk-reducing measures already taken, the National Action Plan contains quantitative regulations, targets, measures, indicators and timetables for reducing risks and adverse impacts from the use of plant protection products on the human and animal health, as well as on the environment. The target requirements relate to plant protection, operator pro-tection, consumer protection and protection of the environment.

All authorities involved at federal and Länder level, the municipalities, the universities and colleges, the relevant associations for agriculture and forestry, for horticulture, for the home garden and allotment sector, for gardening and landscaping and for the science, the companies concerned, the trade as well as the associations for consumer, environment and nature protection are called upon to work together on implementing the National Action Plan. The National Action Plan is reviewed every five years.

The Action Plan forms part of the implementation of the European Union’s Sustainable Use Directive (Article 4 (1) of the DIRECTIVE 2009/128/EC of the European parliament and of the council to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides). By implementing the National Action plan, the requirements under section 4 of the Plant Protection Act (Pflanzenschutzgesetz) are complied.