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About the National Action Plan

National Regulations

National Regulations

The first comprehensive legal framework regarding plant protection in Germany dates from the first half of the past century. The initial fundamental regulation was the "Act on the Protection of Agricultural Crops".

Contents of the existing regulatory law regarding plant protection are:

1. Regulations related to plant protection products:

  •     approval with implementing rules and constraints
  •     suitability of the substance

2. User-related regulations:

  •     expertise requirements for professional users
  •     expertise requirements for sellers

3. Usage-related regulations:

  •     Codes of Good Practice
  •     Particular duty of care

4. Regulations on equipment for plant protection:

  •     high technical standard
  •     regular review

5. Area-related regulations:

  •     restriction on the usage of plant protection products on cultivated surfaces
  •     ban on usage on or in direct vicinity of surface waters and coastal waters
  •     ban on usage of certain plant protection products in nature preservation and water protection areas

6. Control

  •     plant protection control programme of the Federal Government and the german states (imports, supply and usage of plant protection products); controls within the scope of Cross Compliance (expertise, plant protection equipment, records)