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IPM Guidelines Integrated Plant Protection

Crop or sector-specific guidelines for integrated plant protection

Implementation of the integrated plant protection according to the EU-directive 2009/128/EC:

"The Member States shall establish appropriate incentives to encourage professional users to implement crop or sector- specific guidelines for integrated plant protection on a voluntary basis. Public authorities and/or organizations representing particular professional users may draw up such guidelines. Member States shall refer to those guidelines that they consider relevant and appropriate in their National Action Plans."

The German National Action Plans stated that public institutions, organizations or associations representing certain professional users of plant protection products can develop corresponding guidelines. They are responsible for keeping these guidelines in terms of science and technology.

The guidelines support the introduction of integrated plant protection in practice and the provision of advice. They also act as an important foundation for the further development of integrated plant protection.

The guidelines are quoted in Annex 1 of this National Action Plan, if they are recognized to be relevant and appropriate. This recognition is granted after an evaluation by the Scientific Advisory Board. The guidelines must include one detailed implementation of the general principles of integrated plant protection as regulated in the EU-directive 2009/128/EC.