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Straw bales on a field.

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Integrated plant protection is a combination of procedures that, as a matter of priority, are taking account of biological, biotechnical measures, of plant breeding as well as cultural and cultivation measures, and that limit the use of chemical plant protection products to the necessary minimum.

Integrated Plant Protection

An important measure within the framework of the National Action Plan on the sustainable use of plant protection products is the introduction of new procedures of integrated plant protection into practice.

Demonstration Farms

Target of the network reference farms is the annual determination of the intensity of the usage of plant protection products (treatment index) with regard to specific fields respectively crops of the farm.
Besides the network reference farms, crop-specific surveys at regional level (survey regions) are undertaken at regular intervals regarding the usage of plant protection products in the agrarian practice.

Assessment of pesticide use

Particularly long-term studies on the development of strategies for integrated plant protection and plant protection within organic farming are being conducted in the experimental fields of the JKI.

The effects of plant protection products on the environment and in the users do not only depend on their composition but also on the way they are applicated.

Plant Protection Equipment